Smart mobility

The region’s cities, including Amersfoort and Utrecht, are pocket-sized metropolises. They can easily be reached by public transport or bicycle. That is possibly a reason why the region is a frontrunner in inventing, implementing and stimulating smart mobility options. Read some inspiring stories down below.

Alderman Lot van Hooijdonk | City of Utrecht

"Besides widening bicycle paths and building more parking places in the city, we want to encourage people to use their bicycles for longer distances. That is why we are starting to build regional cycle highways together with regional cities and the province."

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René Nauheimer | Expat

"The whole area in Utrecht Region is basically an uninterrupted bicycle path, which makes both commuting and free riding a blessing."

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Bart Molmans | Mobiliteitsfabriek

"We aim to make a major impact on (social) sustainability by fulfilling the changing travel needs of travellers on a large scale with today's modern mobility options."

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