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Are you a Dutch company importing from or exporting to the UK? Be sure to follow the developments and be prepared for a future where possible trade conflicts between the EU and the UK could effect your business. On this page, you find all the essential information to make future-proof plans. 

Brexit Desk

The Brexit Desk website contains information (in Dutch) about the current situation, as well as tips and experiences shared by other businesses. You can also use the Brexit Impact Scan (in Dutch) to gain insight into the potential impact of Brexit on your business, and what practical steps you can take. Besides, you can read ‘Brexit: find information’ This article provides links to information and tools to help you prepare for Brexit.

Do you have other questions about your international activities? Or would you like to start exporting to or importing from the United Kingdom? Please contact one of our Trade Developers. They can help you further.

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Brexit vouchers

If you do business with the UK and are likely to be affected by Brexit, you may want to get professional advice on how to deal with this. You can apply for a so-called Brexit voucher With this Brexit voucher you will receive a subsidy for advice on alternative markets, the logistical consequences, or the consequences of the free movement of your employees, goods or services.

Note: The available budget for 2020 is up. As of 1 January 2021, the budget will be available again.

More information about the Brexit vouchers

Dutch Customs after Brexit

Despite the provisional agreement that starts on the 1st of January 2021, a lot remains uncertain about the future customs rules. We therefore advise you to continue preparing for a future relationship with the UK where certain customs rules will come to apply,

The Dutch Tax and Customs Administration website offers you a Brexit checklist to help your company prepare: for instance, applying for an EORI number, filing customs declarations for excise goods, etc. The European Commission Taxation and Customs Union has also prepared a Customs guide for businesses, which is available in 24 languages.

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Changes to tax affairs and benefits after Brexit

Since the UK’s departure from the EU, the Netherlands applied a fiscal transition period to citizens and businesses. This means that for tax purposes, dealings with the UK will be treated the same as when it was still part of the EU, which will last until the end of 2020. The temporary arrangement allows businesses more time to prepare for the new situation.

The EU and the UK are negotiating agreements on their future relationship after 31 December 2020, also regarding taxes. It is not clear yet how this will affect taxes and benefits. The Dutch tax authorities will provide more information on this page as soon as it is known.

Are you employing or hiring UK nationals in the Netherlands?

Things will change after 31 December 2020, the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has an overview of Brexit regulations on their website. Other frequently asked questions for individuals are covered on the Brexit page of the Dutch government.

Other questions?

Do you have other questions about your international activities? Or would you like to start exporting to or importing from the United Kingdom? Our Trade Team, part of ROM Utrecht Region, can help you further build relationships that support the global growth of your business. They provide you support that matches your own commitment to international growth.

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