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What does the Brexit deal mean for you?

The United Kingdom has completed its formal separation from the European Union. Whether you are a UK company looking to set up in or doing business with the Netherlands, a Dutch company doing business with the UK, or a UK national living in or moving to the Netherlands a lot has changed. On this page, we have summed up all the up-to-date information you need to know about what the deal means for your situation. 

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Dutch companies

Dutch companies that import from or export to the UK are facing customs formalities. These companies also have to prepare for possible future trade conflicts between the UK and EU that could affect their business.

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UK companies

Are you a UK company doing business in or looking for an entity in the Netherlands? Find out how the Dutch government or our dedicated team can help you with your question or future plans.

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UK nationals

Are you a UK national living in or moving to the Netherlands? Please go to the website of the IND for all your Brexit related questions. If you have other questions about living, studying and working in Utrecht Region, then get in contact with the International Welcome Center.


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