E-learning meets virtual interactivity

A platform that combines e-learning with VR, AR and AI applications. It sounds like a future innovation, but the Utrecht-based startup CoVince has already developed such a multidimensional learning platform. Their goal is to make learning with immersive technologies accessible and affordable for everyone. Accountancy firms, Universities, Health providers, and Training institutes are already successfully using the CoVince platform. Co-founder Richard van Tilborg: "We combine e-learning, Netflix and Wordpress in one".

Founders Richard van Tilborg & Melanie van Halteren - © Lotte Stierhout

"We strive to accelerate people's development by making it fun and effective. That is why we continuously add new dimensions to learning on our platform, such as practicing in a simulated environment and receiving feedback based on real-time measurements. The content of these dimensions is based on research in psychology and education. We also actively participate in the studies of f.e. Utrecht University to gain new insights to improve learning and bring it to its highest potential. Besides, our platform is built up as a cms system with easy-to-use building bricks, enabling organisations to assemble new e-learning modules with the latest technology efficiently. That makes the CoVince platform very convenient to use and cost-attractive.”

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