Open HealthHub

An innovative digital healthcare platform

The Improve platform of the independent and innovative scale-up Open HealthHub is the world's first end-to-end encrypted communication platform between doctor and patient. Using the mobile app the patiënt can easily prepare themselves and answer the doctor's questions and do home measurements with devices. This saves healthcare institutions a lot of money and gives the doctor more time to talk to the patient during an appointment.

Marco Woesthuis - © Lotte Stierhout

CEO Marco Woesthuis: "We are building the digital path to better care together with hospitals and researchers. Therefore, our Improve platform consists of connected APIs, which makes the platform very flexible to use for both a single researcher and a hospital. In addition, the platform can be linked to almost all data sources through this API structure. That helps to unlock health information that is collected in more places (apps, devices and personal health records). Furthermore, we support international standards and the Dutch MedMij standards. We can also easily add or improve new functionalities and scale-up. That is why we strive to become the most trusted healthcare platform throughout Europe."

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