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City Hub offers zero-emission city distribution and sustainable transport in the city of Utrecht, by only using electric transport vehicles. This includes electric e-cars with trailers, electric transport bicycles, and electric boats. For example, they every day bring and pick up linen at three hotels in the center of Utrecht. Through smart bundling of these activities, their delivery becomes both greener and cheaper. By doing so, City Hub contributes to a cleaner, healthier and more livable city.

Menno Mevissen - © Lotte Stierhout

Location manager Peter van Donk: "We believe that the infrastructure in Utrecht must become greener and smarter."

“With our electric means of transport, we ensure transport without noise or emissions in the city. That is, for example, very interesting for hotels. We believe that the infrastructure in city centers such as in Utrecht must become greener and smarter. We think that is possible and that it doesn't even have to be complicated.

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